Alpine Valentine

Joe and I have a tradition of homemade Valentine’s presents, and for our first year as a married couple, he outdid himself. (I, on the other hand, have concocted a rather weak offering this year.) Joe was so excited about what he made, that he gave it to me a few days early.

Remember our honeymoon to Austria? Joe found the map we used on our hike and decopaged it to a big piece of wood. He even used the jigsaw I got him for Christmas to cut the mountain line on the top. It’s huge, but it fits perfectly in the space going up to our bedroom:

Now I’ll think of our Karwendel adventure everytime I climb the stairs. (Which will probably make them feel much less steep, in perspective.)

This isn’t what I got Joe, but yesterday I stopped into “Seed” in the East Village and saw these cool Ivy hearts. They were pretty reasonable ($15-25) and I think much longer lasting than a bouquet of overpriced roses. Sorry this is so blurry. This store is like slipping into a secret garden. Everytime I go in, I think of my cousin Kelley, and my Aunt Carol Ann.


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2 responses to “Alpine Valentine

  1. carol beamer

    Thank you , my dear. for the lovely compliment about the secret garden. I am thinking is is time you and Joe made a Santa Barbara appearance…I have 2 purple Adirondack chairs waiting for you in my garden!

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