O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Admission: My new job keeps me much busier than anticipated. The other thing that’s been keeping me busy? This hunk of burnin’ love:

I used some Christmas money to buy a new machine (60 stitches!) and have been spending some QT with my new Brother on these blizzardly nights. First try, turn cute fabric squares into a festive bunting for new new cube. Ironing and pinning are my least favorite activities, so I propped up the ole’ laptop and used the sewing time to catch up on “Friday Night Lights,” a guilty pleasure addiction of mine. Netflix ‘watch instantly’ is crack.

A few hours later and I had a garland to dress up my drab office space:

Pretty cute perk-up. But this little corner of the world I call home for most of the week will need some more livening up soon.

Then I got to work on curtains I’d been meaning to make for the past few months. I kept it simple and it turned out they’re a few inches shorter than I’d intended (measuring isn’t my strong suit), but they’re better than just the blinds we’ve been living with. AND I MADE THEM!

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One response to “O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  1. Bethany

    Your curtains look beautiful! Nicely done. I think you and that sewing machine were made for one another.

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