Beer tea me

This weekend has completely spoiled me:

1) Joe’s on furlough (yep, another week of unpaid vacation from the paper) , so I actually have a husband to hang out with, for once. We even played Monopoly.

2) I got to dress up (makeup, hair in rollers and everything) TWICE — once at a University event Joe and I capped off by stopping in to Cafe di Scala for drinks and gusto pizza, and another at our dear friend Arin’s 30th birthday soiree.

3) We finally filled the frames that had been hanging with weird model placeholder photos with our own photographs from our wedding. After a year and a half, we’re still doing some basic moving-in things. I like that our house is changing a little at a time, though.

Plus a mishmash of other lovely things that will be fodder for future posts.

Today, we went over and Joe and I made beer tea with Joe’s sister, Ellen, and her husband, Andy. Joe and Andy started homebrewing together, and so wanted to experiment with some creative flavors. Basically, they just steeped a few ingredients in hot water and we’d taste them to see if they’d make interesting beers. It was an afternoon of juniper berries, sarsaparilla, lemons, basil, ginger and just about anything else we could think to dunk in hot water.

The laboratory.

I’d like to taste a lemon basil shandy this summer. I can already feel a warm June night where we eat outside and pair it with my mom’s recipe for amazing lemon chicken. These are the kind of daydreams that help melt away those middle-of-January-in-Iowa chills.

Oh, and totally loving that now that I work in higher ed, I get MLK Monday off work.

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